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 Welcome Dy!

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Chief Operative
Chief Operative

Number of posts : 6401
Age : 38
Location : Southampton, UK
Registration date : 2009-02-23

PostSubject: Welcome Dy!   Tue Jun 29, 2010 11:54 pm

The Agency would like to announce that we have reviewed and accepted Dy's application to join E.P.O.C.H. and that she has now been officially promoted to Initiate while she undergoes her 4 week Trial Period.

We'd ask that during this time you make her feel welcomed and be on hand to answer any questions as I'm sure many of you remember your Trial periods and how handy it is to have people in the know around to answer your questions about the guild.

We ask that Dy remain as active as she is able over the next month and also that she makes some form of Role-Playing contribution to the guild during this time.

Most people tend to go with a short story or some form of art/media and have a tendency to make a character bio On SWTOR-RP Wiki, which allows us to get to know your character better. In respect to your skills as an artist I'm sure this isn't an area you will have a problem in but if you would like to write a short story instead (I know you'd like to get into writing more) we're all on hand to help out should you wish Very Happy

All these, while helpful, are only optional and many people don't complete them until after they become full Agents.

What we do ask you to do before your Trial ends however is to get involved in some PbF (Play By Forum) Role-playing, and we have a special Open role-play continually being updated for you to do so in, called

The Hyperion

We ask all our new recruits to try a bit of role-play here but don't worry, you'll always find someone in there to chat to!

We hope you enjoy your time here and wish you every luck with your Trial period!

On a slightly separate note, congratulations for being our last applicant! While (at the moment) we only have a slot for an Imperial Agent, you're more than welcome to create an 'Alt' for your Sith Inquisitor too and, should you make it to full Agent status you reserve the right to swap which character you want to play as your 'Main' anyway.

You should find that your name has changed colour on these forums from a brown (new applicant) to silver (Initiate). Your name will be added to our records and you will appear as an Initiate over at our Wiki as well as our Guild Page on SWTOR-RP Wiki.

Welcome aboard Smile

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View user profile http://www.wix.com/lunarwolf79/lwworks
Veteran Agent
Veteran Agent

Number of posts : 1887
Age : 23
Registration date : 2009-02-25

PostSubject: Re: Welcome Dy!   Wed Jun 30, 2010 1:19 am

Welcome, welcome! Smile (sorry, thought I'd say it twice for emphasis!)

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Veteran Agent
Veteran Agent

Number of posts : 2420
Age : 35
Location : Watching you...
Registration date : 2010-03-07

PostSubject: Re: Welcome Dy!   Wed Jun 30, 2010 1:27 am

Welcome Smile That's our last member recruited Smile
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View user profile http://soude.forumactif.com/
Chief Operative
Chief Operative

Number of posts : 5209
Age : 40
Location : Reading, England
Registration date : 2009-02-11

PostSubject: Re: Welcome Dy!   Wed Jun 30, 2010 1:36 am

Welcome to the Initiate rank Dy, hope you enjoy your stay here at E.P.O.C.H. I think Lunarwolf has pretty much covered everything but if you feel you need help with anything don't hesitate to ask. Smile

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View user profile http://www.agentsoftheepoch.org
The Praxeum
The Praxeum

Number of posts : 448
Registration date : 2010-06-28

PostSubject: Re: Welcome Dy!   Wed Jun 30, 2010 1:50 pm

Thank you for accepting me:) I'll try to do my best Very Happy
First i'll read, so many information and so intresting stories you have here Wink
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View user profile

Number of posts : 143
Location : South Wales
Registration date : 2010-05-20

PostSubject: Re: Welcome Dy!   Wed Jun 30, 2010 2:34 pm

Welcome to the guild, Hope you have a good time with us >.<

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Krum Gax

Number of posts : 40
Age : 30
Location : Denmark
Registration date : 2010-06-11

PostSubject: Re: Welcome Dy!   Sat Jul 03, 2010 3:44 am

welcome... best of luck to you.. Very Happy
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View user profile

Number of posts : 435
Age : 46
Location : Waddington - Lancashire - England
Registration date : 2009-06-06

PostSubject: Re: Welcome Dy!   Sat Jul 03, 2010 5:00 am

Welcome aboard Dy! Cool

Nice artwork you have there, is it all drawn by yourself?

(Edit: I see that it is. I should keep myself up to date with our forum more. Great artwork Dy. Do you do requests? ) Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome Dy!   

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Welcome Dy!
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